Conditions for renting a car and requirements for lessees and persons entitled to drive:

  1. ID/passport
  2. Drivers license (3 years driving experience)
  3. Tenant age - from 24 years
  4. Deposit - 100,000 KZT
  5. Rental cost for the entire period

Rental car insurance:

All cars are insured under the terms of compulsory and voluntary insurance (full insurance).

Insurance is valid on the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as neighboring countries.

In the event of a traffic accident and damage to the rented car due to the fault of the renter, the insurance company withholds the Excess in the amount of the renters deposit.

The deductible is collected from the renter by the car rental company.

Damage to car tires is not covered by car insurance; the lessee is responsible for damage to the tires.

In cases of traffic accidents, not the fault of the tenant.

The insurance company fully covers all damage, the tenant does not bear any responsibility, the deposit is returned in full at the time specified in the contract.

The cost of renting a car includes: maintenance, compulsory insurance, voluntary insurance, toll roads.

The car rental price does not include:

Gasoline, paid parking, fines, car washing at the end of the rental car, damage and tire replacement, technical support outside the city of Almaty.

Mileage limit:
The vehicle mileage limit is 200 km. per day in Almaty. Operation of a vehicle in excess of the established limit is paid at the rate of 50 tenge for each kilometer exceeding the established limit.

The cost of renting a car in case of travel outside the city for more than 70 km is negotiated separately, taking into account the rental period, mileage and road surface

We also offer rates that do not include kilometers!

Procedure for issuing a car:

Cars are provided: with a fully filled tank, in a clean condition, at a pre-agreed place and time, with pre-prepared contracts in 2 copies, in 2 languages (Russian, English).

Procedure for returning a rented car:

The car is returned clean and with a full tank. If the car is returned with an incomplete tank, or not in a clean condition, the Lessee is obliged to pay the cost of the missing gasoline and car wash services in accordance with the tariffs under the Agreement.

All cars are equipped with: tires for the season, a video recorder, a GPRS tracking system, and a driver’s kit.

Discount system:

  • For regular customers additional discount -5%
  • from 4 to 7 days rental: -5%
  • from 8 to 14 days rental: -10%
  • from 15 to 29 rental days: -25%
  • 30 days or more: -35%
  • For long-term rentals, we are ready to discuss individual conditions


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